Hiya, I’m Anastasia!

I’m a former librarian currently traveling around the world. Just Gone Wandering is both my travel diary and a place to share helpful tips and information about the different places I’ve been. I’m especially interested in sharing info on long-term (6+ months) travel, living as a digital nomad or seasonal worker, and solo female travel. Expect to find all that here and more!

My Travel Philosophy

My goal is to keep traveling for as long as I can, so that means keeping to a budget. However, as I’m now in my 30s, I don’t necessarily want to stick to the lowest possible budget options and all the discomforts they come with! I consider myself a middle-budget backpacker: I don’t mind hostels and taking buses everywhere, but if it’s only a $10 difference I’ll take a private room or a plane. 😛 I prefer trains over anything, especially if they have a cozy sleeper cabin!

I love visiting ancient places, museums, street art/murals, going on walking tours, and short walks through the woods. I’m not much of a beach girly or a foodie extraordinaire, but I do like shopping for snacks at grocery stores and browsing used books at English bookstores. I prefer doing free activities and saving my money for the really special tourist stuff– or even better, exciting adventure travel!

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Where I’ve Been

After working and saving for 10 years, I took my first international trip in 2022, at the age of 34! I wanted to make it count, so I planned on being gone for 9 months. I quit my job, sold almost everything I owned, put the rest into storage and took off.

I went to Europe, dipping my toes into international travel by first taking a transatlantic cruise to England! We stopped at Portugal and France before ending in England. I visited the United Kingdom (England and Scotland) for several months, then took the Eurostar train over to France where I roamed around for 2.5 months. This included another cruise where we went to England, Germany, and France!

I ended my Schengen timetable in Spain, where I had an amazing week in Barcelona before taking a transatlantic cruise back over to the Americas. We ended in Barbados, a beautiful country with great beaches that I couldn’t appreciate because I was recovering from getting COVID on the cruise! What a shame…

(Check out my 2022 travel itinerary here.)

Well, I enjoyed my trip to Europe so much that I decided to keep my travel life going, and in 2023 I turned my sights to Asia!

From California I went over to Japan for 3 months, then took a ferry to South Korea and stayed there for just over a month. Next I went to Indonesia via Singapore, where I explored Bali and Java for about 6 weeks. Malaysia was calling my name, so I went and explored both the mainland and Borneo, where I saw some amazing wild animals and ancient rainforests!

While on Borneo, I had a quick stop in Brunei, maybe the tiniest country I’ve ever been to. Back on the mainland, I took an overnight train up to Bangkok and started my exploration of Thailand for just under a month, ending in a cross-country trip to Laos to take the slow boat down the Mekong to historic Luang Prabang.

After a month in Laos, I then went over to Vietnam for (yes) another month, starting in Hanoi and ending in Ho Chi Minh City. Then I took a bus across the border to Cambodia where I stayed for a mere 5 days before making my way back to Singapore to fly home to California to visit my parents for Christmas– and to do jury duty!

(Check out my 2023 travel itinerary here.)

My travel budget for 2023 was so low that I decided to keep going…if I started supplementing it with work. So in 2024 I decided to try out digital nomad life, mixed with seasonal work and volunteering! I got another cheap ticket to Japan and stayed for the full 3 months, split between Tokyo and Osaka. Then I headed over to Malaysia again to stay in Kuala Lumpur for two months. Where next?

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