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Visiting the Airlines Executive Lounge at Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados

I flew out of GAIA this past December and visited the Airlines Executive Lounge for a bit before my flight. This info is current as of December 2022 (so hopefully not terribly out of date).

The lounge is located behind security at the corner of the airport nearest gates 13-22. It’s on the second floor; there’s some stairs or an elevator. I found it pretty easily, especially since there’s signage pointing the correct way.

For better pictures of the lounge space, check the Priority Pass website. I must’ve been way more frazzled than I remembered, because most of my photos ended up being blurry pictures of split pea soup.

Airlines Executive Lounge Info & Review

Lounge Info

  • Location: Terminal 1 airside, after Security Checks and Passport Control, between Gates 12 and 13.
  • Membership accepted: Priority Pass, Dragon Card
  • Can also buy day passes for (I think) $27.
  • Open daily from 11:30 am – 8:30 pm.

The Priority Pass websites says that food is served by staff, but it was back to standard self-serve buffet when I was there in December 2022.

Sandwiches and chips on covered plates.

Food available: tuna sandwiches, cheese (the British spreadable kind) sandwiches, split pea soup, cookies, cake (two kinds), chips (Pringles and Doritos), assorted nuts.

Drinks available: variety of soda, including Coke and Sprite, coffee (decaf and regular), tea (assorted flavors), wine and various liquor, beer (including the local favorite Banks), water.

The lounge has free Wi-fi with fairly good speed, USB charging ports near the tables, and plugs available around the room. There were also bathrooms for lounge visitors, though I’m not sure if there were showers. Right outside the main part of the lounge is a computer visitors can use, and a printer as well.

Part of the sitting area

There were plenty of seats including small couches, armchairs, and tables. There was a slightly offset section labeled “Kids Area” with more seating as well. I sat at a 2-person table for most of my visit and the chair was surprisingly comfortable. The furniture was in overall good condition from what I could see, and the room itself was clean and air conditioned.

Airlines Executive Lounge Review

When I visited it was full but not crowded. The food table was fairly well-stocked and staff came around regularly to pick up garbage and get empty plates. The soup and tuna sandwiches were pretty good, but I just couldn’t get behind the cheese spread sandwiches. 😛 I was actually very happy about the chip selection because American brands are pretty expensive on Barbados (and in France/Spain where I’d just come from) so it was nice to have a taste of home without having to fork over $15 USD.

While the food selection wasn’t amazing, the actual lounge space was nice. It was an overall good place to hang out for a few hours before my flight– MUCH better than being in the main departure lounge (which was hot and noisy).

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