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Ueno Neighborhood Eki Stamp Locations

To further help your collecting of eki stamps and related fun things in Japan, here’s stamp locations in the Ueno neighborhood in Tokyo!

Some of these I found myself, and other locations were provided by kind readers and fellow stamp collectors. These are permanently available stamps only; there may be more stamps available as part of limited time stamp rallies, so be sure to check everywhere when you’re wandering around the neighborhood.

Never collected eki stamps before? Here’s how to get started.

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JR Ueno Station

The stamp table is outside the Iriya street ticket gate. There are two stamps available, a regular JR line one and a special station mascot stamp.

Keisei Ueno Station

The stamp table is next to the ticket window INSIDE the ticket gate. It’s a self-inking stamp which is great!

Okachimachi Station

One stamp located in front of the station office INSIDE the ticket gates at the north exit.

(It’s the purple one in my notebook there.)

Ueno Information Center

Location: Inside Matsuzakaya Ueno Store, Floor 1

You have GOT to stop by the Information Center, especially if you love pandas! They have 6 big stamps, all featuring the local pandas, and a collection of smaller stamps with cute generic panda designs.

The table is located to the right of the check-out, against the wall. It’s very obvious and there’ll probably be a line of people waiting to stamp their pandas!

The info center also sells special notebooks for stamping into, if you’re interested.

Ueno Park

Location: 5-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo

There are two stamps in the Ueno Park Management Office, one featuring the park, a statue, a panda and a temple and another with the Ueno mascot and a panda.

Shinobazu Pond Benten Temple

This is INSIDE Ueno Park and is NOT a Goshuin (temple stamp). The temple of course does have Goshuin for people to purchase, but there’s a free rubber stamp available as well.

Ueno Park Museums

The Park has several museums inside it, and they have stamps! They do have entry fees, and usually the stamps are “behind the gates,” so to speak (e.g. you have to pay entry to access the stamp table).

  • National Museum of Western Art
  • National Museum of Nature and Science
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
  • Tokyo National Museum

Ueno Zoo

The Zoo is located inside Ueno Park, but it has a 600 yen entrance fee. The stamp is right before the main gate exit and features two pandas looking at each other.

No current stamps at…

  • Tokyo Metro Ueno Station, though they do stamp rallies occasionally
  • Tokyo Metro Ueno-Hirokoji Station

Do you know of any more stamps in the Ueno neighborhood? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

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