Budget Travel

How to travel on a budget! I’m a “comfort budget” kind of traveler– I like hostels and long-distance buses, but I’ll spring for a private room or bullet train when I can. Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck, using tips and tricks I’ve cultivated over 2 years of full-time travel.

Alternatives to Hotels

Save money and stay somewhere other than a major hotel chain!

Budget Travel Planning Resources

The best websites and apps for planning a life of full-time budget travel!

Travel Kitchen Essentials

How to save money by cooking in your hotel room (without making a big mess).

Libraries for Nomads

How to get a non-resident library card so you can still use the library while traveling!

Staying in Student Dorms

Save money while traveling around England by staying in student dorms during the summer!

Travel Budget Breakdowns

What I spent and where I spent it! See examples of how much you could spend (and save) on groceries, accommodation, transport, etc. and use them as a starting point to building your own travel budget.