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Miri, Malaysian Borneo: A Stopover City

This short visit was really all about recharging from our Mulu excursions, and planning for the next leg of our travels (separately and together). We needed to book at least two tours, and Helene (my travel buddy) needed to do research for her diving excursion in Semporna in early August.

Also, we REALLY needed to do laundry. I found a cheap hotel room on and we hunkered down for a few days.

Some of the cool buildings in Miri

Miri gets a lot of backpacker tourists because it’s basically a stopover point for people either going to/from Mulu, or for those who want to visit the nearby islands for snorkeling and diving. It’s also a good entry point to Brunei! Otherwise, to be honest, there isn’t much to do here.

Locals come for the shopping– and Brunei citizens cross the border for that as well! It’s full of hotels and restaurants, but not many tourist-y cultural interests. I think most visitors are business people, or just day trippers from nearby areas.

I enjoyed trying some delicious local food (at great prices!), looking at the retro architecture and just hanging around town relaxing.

On our last day we stopped by the waterfront, which looks lovely at sunset but unfortunately the low tides revealed a huge pile of garbage lurking in the riverbed.

While not a must-do for a Borneo travel itinerary, Miri is a good place to stopover while on your way to another location.

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