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From Miri to Brunei by package delivery taxi

If you’re already in Malasyian Borneo, you might as well make time to visit Brunei, right? right!

While in Kuching, I met Pien, a Dutch backpacker who had just been traveling around Sabah, the northern part of Malaysian Borneo. She had lots of good info to pass along, including the contact number for a parcel service that takes passengers across the border into Brunei from Miri (and reverse) for a very reasonable price.

Since we were on the island anyway, it seemed a shame to miss visiting Brunei! We decided to go for it.

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This is my experience taking a package delivery taxi overland from Miri, Borneo to Brunei in August 2023.

Brunei-Borneo Car Service

Our car service was FIND ME LOGISTICS. Here’s their Instagram with their contact info. We paid BND 40 / $30 USD per person for the taxi ride, which ended up being roughly 2.5 hours long and included a few stops. That price also included a pickup at our hotel in Miri and a drop off at our hotel in Bandar Serie Begawan, Brunei.

Our driver handled the border crossings for us and stopped at a few places on the way up so we could do a little sightseeing!

First we stopped at the Billionth Barrel Monument, which commemorates Brunei’s billionth barrel of oil produced. Behind the monument was a little beach where we watched some fishermen pull in their catch, and in front is art from local artists commemorating the history of oil production in Brunei.

Next we stopped at a little food stand and got a local chicken and rice dish wrapped in a leaf. I also got some fried bananas and a bottle of tea. Total: BND 5.50 / $1.20 USD.

Our driver also stopped at an ATM so we could get some Brunei cash! Overall it was a wonderful experience and I’d highly recommend this service.

Alternative Transportation Options

If you’re coming from Kota Kinabalu, you can take a 9 hour bus to cross the border. Beware! The amount of stamps you’ll get on this route could be up to 4 pages worth in your passport, because technically you’ll be crossing the border 3 times. I’ll be writing about that bus trip in another post soon.

You can take a private car from Miri, very similar to the package taxi but more on the Uber or Grab side of things.

You could also take a Grab to the border, cross on foot, and then hitchhike up to BSB. This would be the cheapest way, but obviously your success depends on getting a good ride up to the city.

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