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From Phonsavan to Vientiane by plane

After my adventure at Mulberries farm in the morning, I headed to the airport for my afternoon flight to Vientiane.

Journal date: October 16, 2023

I decided to fly rather than take a minibus like I normally would, because the road is supposedly even worse between Phonsavan and Vientiane than the one I took from Luang Prabang to Phonsavan.

Literally every local and expat I talked to said it was horrible, and that it would definitely take longer than 9 hours. No way was I doing that, especially when a flight was only 30 minutes and relatively cheap.

Xieng Khouang Airport is super super tiny and you don’t need to be at the check in counter any earlier than an hour. Even if there’s a line at security, it’s so easy-going that everyone gets through it fast.

There’s a small cafe next door and some snacks for sale inside, but nothing else to do while wasting time waiting for your plane.

One weird thing is that we all had to go to the immigration counter before we boarded, even though it’s a domestic flight and we’re not crossing any international borders. The officers checked my passport and visa and then stamped my plane ticket, and that was it.

The plane was a little worn down, to the point where I’m never flying with Lao Skyway again if I can help it. But the crew were perfectly nice and professional and we got to Vientiane on time. Cost: 490,000 kip / $24 USD

From Vientiane airport, I took a taxi using a coupon from the taxi stand (cost: 110,000 kip / $5.28 USD) to my hotel, Phongsavath Boutique Hotel. I splurged on a proper hotel room with an ensuite bathroom (and daily cooked breakfast) as I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to find some place to hole up for a few days.

The hotel was really lovely, though the shower nozzle pointed straight at the wall well above my head and wasn’t adjustable in any way. But otherwise it was very comfortable!

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