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The BEST WhatsApp Travel Group Chats

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around the world, and if you plan on traveling long-term then you’re going to need it eventually. I use WhatsApp for booking dentist appointments, hotel stays, river tours– and for travel group chats!

If you want current information, meetups with other travelers, visa tips and more: use WhatsApp group chats. People of all ages use them, from all kinds of travel budgets, and they’re great for supplementing internet searches or travel forums.

Actually finding WhatsApp travel chats can be slightly difficult though, as you’ll need an active invitation link. So I’ve gathered links to group chats, roughly grouped by destination, and posted them here for everyone.

Note: Some chats require admin approval to join, but they’re open to everyone. If a chat is for members of a certain forum or website, I’ve noted that.

Updated: June 17, 2024

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and buy something, I get a small percentage of that at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

How to make the most of WhatsApp Group travel chats

First: Join chats a few weeks before you intend on arriving at your destination.

You can’t see past chats, and searches will only bring up keywords from within the time you’ve joined the group. If you want to start getting into on basic stuff like visas, transit, hostel recommendations, etc., then join the chat a few weeks early and you’ll be able to get more info easily.

Second: Put the chats on MUTE.

Many of these groups are super active, and you won’t want your phone blowing up all the time. Put the notification setting to mute and check the groups whenever you have free time.

Third: Invite friends or travelers you meet on the road.

Not many people know about these group chats, which is a shame! If you find a chat particularly helpful, be sure to tell your friends about them and invite them to the chat to contribute their own info.

WhatsApp groups safety tip

This may not seem obvious to everyone but: when you join a WhatsApp group, your phone number, name and profile picture will be visible to group members. As a solo female traveler, I tend towards the higher end of safety concern and so I prefer having a buffer between me and a bunch of strangers having my info, even something as basic as my phone number.

For that reason, I recommend using a second phone number for WhatsApp groups, and make your profile photo something basic and not necessarily a photo of yourself. I use a Google Voice number for my non-personal WhatsApp, for instance. You can use your real phone number for your in-person friends and family, if you want.

Another thing: be VERY careful clicking on links! If you’re searching “WhatsApp travel groups” on Google, you’ll often find a bunch of spam comments from random people trying to get you to download a fake version of WhatsApp.

ONLY download WhatsApp from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can get the OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD LINKS HERE directly from WhatsApp.

All of the links here have been verified by me as safe and they are working as of June 9, 2024.

Okay, now on to the list!

Asia WhatsApp Travel Groups

Backpackers in Asia

One of the most well-maintained collection of group chats, actively moderated and very chatty. If the groups get too large they split them into a second group, so you may see some multiples here. This is the group(s) I recommend the most– if you only join ONE chat, pick one of these!

Borneo Backpackers

A collection of chats for Borneo and nearby places. I found this group super helpful when planning my own Borneo adventures!

Central Asia Backpackers

General chat for Central Asian travelers.

Lub D Koh Samui Group

Hosted by a hostel company based in Thailand, this is a surprisingly huge group focused on the island of Koh Samui.

Seasia Travel Group Chats

A huge collection of chats for Asia, as well as some in Europe and Latin America. If these invite links stop working, check their main page for updated ones.

Non-Asian chats:

Silk Road Overlanders

A chat focused on overland travel across Europe/Central Asia into Asia, with groups for people to meet up and travel together.

  • Main Chat
  • Armenien
  • Azerbaijan
  • Chinese Visa
  • Cyclists India
  • Georgia
  • Irak – Kurdistan
  • Iran is Calling
  • KYRG-CHI-PAK (Aug/Sept 2024)
  • Kazachstan/Kyrgzstan to Laos
  • Mongolia – China – Kyrgyzstan (AUG/SEPT)
  • Overlanders in Pakistan by Shahid Iqbal
  • Travel Around Afghanistan
  • Travellers in Turkiye
  • Turkey Travel Group
  • Turkmenistan Overlanding

Southeast Asia Backpackers

General chat for all of SEA, hosted by the Southeast Asia Backpacker website.

Thailand Magazine Groups

A collection of chats centered around Thailand travel, hosted by Thailand Magazine (a tour/travel website).

  • Thailand Travel Group
  • Bangkok WhatsAppGroup
  • Chiang Mai Tours
  • Khao Yai Tours
  • Koh Phangan
  • Koh Tao Group
  • Official Khao Sok Group
  • Official Koh Samui Group
  • Official Phuket Group
  • Solo Travelers
  • Thai Foodies
  • Thailand Resigroep (Dutch)

Central America & South America WhatsApp Travel Groups

Seasia Travel Groups

See above in the ASIA heading for the complete list for this group.

South America Travelling

An offshoot of the Backpacking South America Facebook group.

Peru Hub by Karikuy

This is a chat hosted by a tour company, so take that with however many grains of salt you want. Not a huge group, but you might get some good info.

Africa WhatsApp Travel Groups


A collection of Whatsapp chats for backpacking Africa, hosted by the Mzungu website.

Middle East WhatsApp Travel Groups

Female Travel in the Middle East

A private group for members of the Facebook group. Join the FB group and then get the link to the WhatsApp chat!

Iran Group Chats

  • Overland to Iran – A group hosted by a travel agent (or similar) living in Iran, for people who are overlanding into or through Iran.
  • Iran Overland -Tips & Experiences – A group hosted by Tak Taku Guesthouse owner, for people who are overlanding into or through Iran.

Silk Road Overlanders

See list above under ASIA heading.

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