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90+ Active Facebook Groups for Travelers

Facebook Groups, for better or worse, are where the majority of travel forums have migrated to. FB groups are one of the best places to find information, support, travel tips and recommendations from REAL PEOPLE nowadays.

That said, there’s hundreds and thousands of travel FB groups out there, and most of them…aren’t that great. Whether lackluster moderation, spam from people trying to rip members off, or just a community that barely posts, it can be difficult to find the GOOD, ACTIVE Facebook travel groups.

So I made this post!

I’ve gotten together a huge list of legit groups that have actual discussion and aren’t just advertisements for tour companies or whatever. I’ve also focused on groups that have a decent amount of activity (more than 10 posts each month), have positive, friendly discussion and more than one moderator– and because I’m a woman, I have lots of women-only or women-friendly groups highlighted as well. For groups I couldn’t check myself, because I’m in the wrong demographic, I went with suggestions from friends.

There’s some overlap between categories, so be sure to take a look through the whole list in order to find the right groups for you!

How to get the most out of Facebook Travel Groups

Join as many as you can, then narrow it back down to only the ones you find helpful.

That way your feed isn’t full of useless stuff you don’t need, and you can focus on making real connections with people in the groups you enjoy being in.

Pin the ones that you find the most useful so you don’t lose them.

Facebook is annoying about this– it frequently “hides” groups I’m active in and I have to go looking for them because they’ve stopped appearing on my timeline. To combat that, I pin my favorite groups so I can quickly access them from my home feed.

Contribute to posts/comments.

An active community needs active participants! You don’t necessarily need to post yourself, but leaving comments or reacting to posts are both good ways to engage in a community.

Facebook Travel Group Safety Tips

This may be obvious, but: when you join a Facebook group, your profile including your name and photo will be visible to everyone in the group. Some people may find that alarming, so just be aware.

Also, try not to post your specific location on the specific date/time you’re there– some of these groups are huge with over 500,000 members, and you don’t know everyone or how safe they are. While it’s unlikely something will happen, it’s better to be overly cautious than not.

Also, if/when you do IRL meetups with people, be sure to do it in a public place and let someone know when and where you’re meeting them.

Okay, onto the list!

Budget Travelers & Backpackers

  • Backpacking Africa – “POSTS ARE FOR ALL style of travellers – backpackers, budget travellers, mid range, couples, adventure travel and even some luxury travellers. The group is mainly for the DESTINATION, not the style.”
  • Backpacking Central America – “Welcome! Embrace the group, interact with each other and enjoy your travels! THE GROUP is mostly for written posts specific to the destination.”
  • Backpacking Europe – “This group is for anyone planning to travel in Europe , or for those that have backpacked there previously, primarily for the purpose of making contacts, perhaps meeting up, making friends, sharing travel tips/advice and so forth so that we adventurous -types need not feel like we are alone as explorers of this wondrous continent!”
  • Backpack Guatemala – PUBLIC group.
  • Backpacking South America – Run by the same folks who run the Backpacking Central America group.
  • Frugal Europe Travel – “The purpose of this group is to share travel tips, resources, and experiences for traveling to Europe on a budget, with an emphasis on having authentic experiences. Yes, Frugal Europe Travel can and does happen! Let’s go plan a trip!”
  • Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Travel Community – “This group, which is operated by Backpacker-Footsteps, exists so that all members can share valuable information to travelers in Central Asia.”
  • Overland to Asia – “We invite you to join this group which wants to connect Overlanders who traveled from Europe to Asia or from Asia to Europe. This group will provide information for other travelers and will be a meeting place for ideas, projects and photos.”
  • South East Asia Backpacker Community – “We aim to create a supportive community of travellers across Southeast Asia who share advice, tips and knowledge about backpacking in the region.”
  • THAILAND 🇹🇭 VIETNAM 🇻🇳 CAMBODIA 🇰🇭 LAOS 🇱🇦 Travel Community – “This group, which is operated by Backpacker-Footsteps. It exists so that all members can share valuable information to travelers in South-East-Asia.”

Women-centered Facebook Travel Groups

There’s a lot of crossover with this category, so some women-only groups have been put under specific categories. Be sure to check the Digital Nomad and Vanlife subsections as well.

Solo Travelers

  • BMTM Solo Female Traveler Connect – “This platform is created for us ladies to get to know each other, to ask questions, to share sentiments, to be each other’s support system, to inspire and be inspired!”
  • Cruises for Solos – “Join us as we share information, tips and experiences, as well as some great deals for cruising solo. If you’re new to cruising we will be happy to try to answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask.”
  • Lonely Travel Club – “girl friends who actually book the trip ✈️ a safe space to find travel buddies, share travel tips and tricks, plan meetups and connect with like-minded wanderlust girlies”
  • The Solo Female Traveler Network – “With your help, we aim to keep this a space for all female travelers to be able to come for not just travel advice, but also to understand cultural differences, get support for homesickness, show off the amazing photos from your last trip, tell stories, and celebrate wins with women who get it.”
  • Solo Female Travelers (FIRST FB group for women who travel solo!) – “We are the oldest & most meaningful English community for solo female travelers.”
  • Solo Women Campers – “Women who camp alone in their tent,van, motor home, 5th wheel, truck camper, or travel trailer a majority of the time or with children or grandkids. To share our victories, setbacks, pictures and joy we find in our journeys.”

POC Travelers & Travelers of Color

  • Black Expats From All Over The World – “This site consists of resource and referrals for individuals who reside abroad or are contemplating residing and visiting abroad.”
  • Black Folks Travel Too! – “Black people have always been travelers, but we don’t always see that reflected in the mainstream media. We created this forum as a place to share travel photos, videos, information, questions and recommendations. Whether you’ve traveled internationally, domestically or are just discovering the treasures near your home, please share and participate.”
  • Black Girl Solo Travels – “Female adventures to include solo travels, cultural exchange, food and other juicy topics.”
  • Black Travel Movement – “Black Travel Movement is a community of friends and family who share an interest in cultivating new friendships and epic experiences through international worldwide travel. As a member of the BTM family you have a connection to a wide range of new and seasoned travelers who are anxious to join and share travel experiences.”
  • NOMADNESS Travel Tribe – “Our mission is to show the world that travel has no racial, gender, religious, economic, or interest limitations through our Black and brown community representation. We both consult and hold the travel industry accountable for DEI representation and amplification.”

Retirees, FIRE’d and 50+ Aged Travelers

  • Over 60 Solo Women Travelers – “The Over 60 Solo Women Traveler Facebook group is a great place to share travel tips and connect with like-minded women of “a certain age” who love to travel SOLO. Whether you are a road warrior or a novice, we are here for you to provide advice, encouragement and support.”
  • Over 60 Women Travel and Meetup Group – “Women Over 60 Rock — We are a force in the economy, and we are one of the largest growing demographics in worldwide travel. We need a space (both digitally and physically) to support each other and schedule meetups and conferences. This group is open to women who would like to meetup with other travelers. This is a space to share travel plans and tips with like-minded women who are ready for their next adventure.”
  • Retiring in Mexico – “This is a new group created for people to meet and converse with others who are interested in moving to or retiring in Mexico. If you are thinking about living in Mexico, it is essential to prepare yourself. So whether or not you are now living in Mexico or simply thinking about making the change, feel free to ask questions or post advice for everyone.”
  • Solo In Style: Women Over 50 Travelling Solo & Loving It! – Super active group with 100+ posts per day.
  • Travel Past 50 Travel Community – “This is a place where baby boomer travelers can share information, tips, ideas, and advice about world travel. All questions about travel are welcome. We hope to build a community who can answer them. Please join in, and invite your friends.”
  • Traveling Solo for Ladies 70+ – “When responding to existing solo traveler groups, some more mature ladies noticed we didn’t seem to fit. Some of us had physical limitations due to our “maturity”. Some of us weren’t looking to enter the “singles scene”. So the thought was, how about a group for 70+ ladies and see if it leads to travel opportunities for girls like us. Still looking for shenanigans and new experiences on our own.”
  • Women Only Travel Group – LUXURY Small Group Trips for Women 40+ – “A community for women travelers who want a safe space to connect with likeminded women, get inspired to discover the world and join our incredible small group women only tours […]”

LGBTQ+ Travelers

  • LESBIAN TRAVEL NETWORK – “A travel resource for lesbians, facilitated by lesbians, that keeps the members appraised of the calendar of festivals and events to attend around the world. Reputable tours, safe destinations, deals, etc. for all kinds of travel and income. From RVing to flight and cruise…this site covers it all.”
  • LGBTQ+ Backpackers – Meet Queer Travellers – “Connect & meet likeminded LGBTQ+ backpackers whilst traveling.”
    • They also have private WhatsApp groups for specific countries.
  • LGBTQ Travel – “Welcome to LGBTQ Travel. This group is for everyone who loves to travel any chance you get. From flying to another city for a pride celebration to traveling across the world for an adventure. A place to network and share your travel tips, advice and maybe find a couch to crash on.”
    • LOTS of subgroups for hobbies and special interests as well.
  • Queer + Lesbian Travel – “Travel can be fun, exciting, scary, a chance to grow, or all of the above, and being a queer traveler brings its own set of questions and wanted advice. This is a safe space and place to connect with other queer travelers, find travel tips, and help check trips off your bucket list!”
  • Rainbow Nomads – “The purpose of this group is to foster community and develop a network of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual/aromantic people and allies. We are focused on humanity and one human family.”

Family Travelers & Worldschooling

  • Adventurous Family Travel Community – Our Tribe Travels | Tips & Advice – “From trekking up mountains in Nepal with toddlers to cycling around Cuba with pre-schoolers, sailing around the world, staying in local villages in the Amazon jungle, family gap years and everything in between, we’ve shared our advice and recommendations to make travelling more straightforward to navigate and plan.”
  • Families Who Love to Travel – “This page is a safe space for parents worldwide to ask questions, provide guidance, and exchange travel ideas, itinerary suggestions, concerns, or experiences.”
  • Tiny Globetrotters: Travel The World With Kids – “We are a global community of families who travel the world with their children. Join us to share your itinerary or get ideas for your next trip.”
  • Travelling With Babies And Toddlers – “This group is for people looking for deeper, information on travelling with babies/toddlers/children. We share personal experiences from the past/present to make your holiday travel a little easier.”
  • Traveling with Kids Worldwide – “This group is for parents who love to travel with their kids and who want to share their experiences, tips and tricks, to ask questions, and to be inspired to go on more adventures!”
  • Worldschoolers – “We are families who educate ourselves and our children by sharing our lives and experiences with others around the world, while inviting others to share with us. We are NOT a travel group. Join our group to learn from and make connections with other families around the world.”
  • Worldschooling Central – A Family Travel Community – Education with Travel – “Whether you travel full-time, part-time, now and then, internationally or domestically, Worldschooling Central is a hub where families can come together to share their experiences and learn from one another.”

Nomad Living/Full-Time Travelers

  • Full Time Travelers And Nomads – “Our goal is to create Connection, Community, Information Sharing, Education, Photo and Experience Sharing around the topic of the Full-Time Travel lifestyle. (Whether you call yourself a nomad, a part-time or full-time traveler, a senior nomad, a remote worker, or something in-between, come join us!)”
  • Global Health Reviews – “A one-stop shop with global user reviews of Medical, Dental, Physical Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage service providers for Full-Time Travelers and Nomads.”
  • GoWithLess – Nomadic Life, Early Retirement, Travel Hacking, House Sitting – “Our #1 goal for this group is to provide a space for people to connect and meet with new friends IN PERSON. Friends who want to talk about money or early retirement or travel or house sitting or travel hacking or nomadic living or minimalism or health insurance or frugal living or downsizing or whatever.”
  • Nomadic Accommodations Reviews – “This group is for people living a nomad lifestyle who find accommodations that are worthy of being shared, and those that should be avoided at all costs.”
  • Nomadic Cooking – “This site is intended for community of retired (or not) nomads but we welcome everyone who likes to cook while traveling.”
  • Nomad Life (EatWalkLearn) – “If you’re thinking about becoming nomadic, you’re in transition to being a nomad, or you’re already living a nomadic lifestyle, AND you like to eat/walk/learn, this group is for you. Let’s share our tricks, trips, tips, and…fears…together.”

Digital Nomads, Work Exchange & Seasonal Workers

  • Female Digital Nomads – “This group was started with the goal to unite, inspire and inform us digital babes that are wandering the globe. Do you have any questions about setting up an online business? How to run your travel blog? About where to travel next? This is the place to come and ask them.”
  • Digital Nomads || Co-livings & Retreats around the globe – “Here you can find co-living, retreats and co-working opportunities for Digital Nomads around the globe!”
  • Digital Nomads Around The World – “This group is dedicated to the thriving Digital Nomad community. It’s a place to share travel advice, remote job opportunities, visa information, job tips, the best places to work, and anything related to the Digital Nomad scene.”
  • Digital Nomad Girls Community – “We help location independent women build businesses & lifestyles on their own terms – no “secret formulas”, but hands-on support, accountability and a lot of fun, too!”
  • Digital Nomads Spain – “Digital Nomads Spain is a community for location-independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees living in, working from and travelling to Spain.”
  • Jobs for Campers, Nomads & Travellers (worldwide) – “This group is for hosts & people searching for jobs while living the nomadic lifestyle, whether you live in a campervan, motorhome, tent, or if you back pack & you’re looking for a job this is the place to go. this is a paid employment worldwide group.”
  • Nomad Connects Community | Remote Jobs | Resource Hub | Networking – “Welcome to the group for remote jobs and to connect with potential clients!”
  • Parkies – For Seasonal Ladies – “This is a safe space for Parkies (employees in and around National Parks) who are female, or those who identify as female, to come together and discuss work, housing, job hunting etc.”
  • Seasonal NPS Employees – “This is a group for National Park Service seasonal employees. If you are one, we’d love to have you in this group.”
  • TrustedHousesitters Hosts & Sitters – “This group is an unofficial forum for members of the TrustedHousesitters app to ask questions, share information, and discuss sits. It is open to both sitters and pet parents/homeowners. The group is not moderated by anyone who works for the TrustedHousesitters platform or community forum so feel free to be candid.”

RV Living, Van-Lifers, and Road Trip Travelers

  • Extreme Low Budget RV Living – “How to enjoy the RV lifestyle at the absolute lowest cost. Everything from menu planning to repairs to places to camp for FREE — it’s all here.”
  • Friendly RV/Camping Women – “We are friendly and kind women who share the same passion: we love to travel the open road, explore new places and meet new smiling faces. Whether you have the largest RV made or enjoy your camping with a tent strapped to your backpack, you are all welcome in this group.”
  • Full Time RV Living – “This group is for people that are living in an RV full time, preparing/planning to, or thinking about making the leap. Travel or stationary come connect with us!”
  • MinivanRV Camping – “All about camping in a minivanRV camper and road trips in a minivanRV.”
  • RV Storage Ideas & Hacks – “Show off your RV storage and organization ideas and hacks here, along with your favorite decor, especially space-saving ones!”
  • Solo Women Van Dwellers – “A group specifically for solo women who either live or are considering living in their vans full time.”
  • SUV/Car Living & Camping Women Only 🚙 – “SUV Living is a group designed for women only. I want this group to be a safe place for us to share our stories, struggles, ideas and life. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories and hope to make new friends along the way .”
  • Women’s Vanlife Collective – “Women’s Vanlife Collective is the world’s largest community exclusively for solo women who are passionate about vanlife, living, working, and adventuring across the world, or aspiring to in the future.”

Expat Groups

  • Expats in Mexico – “This group is for those interested in visiting and / or living in Mexico. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.”
  • Expats Living in Guatemala – “Thinking of moving to Guatemala? Already live here? This group is a “safe” place where current or future Guatemala expats can exchange information without worrying about whether their question is silly or been asked a thousand times. Come join in the “all things Guatemala” conversation!”
  • Mexico Wild Women Expat Community – “This is a fun, informative, and safe community especially for women expats who live in, are visiting or are interested in Mexico.”
  • She Hit Refresh | Move Abroad After 30 – “At She Hit Refresh, we’re all about empowering women aged 30+ to turn their move abroad dreams into reality—sooner rather than later!”

Antarctica Facebook Travel Groups

  • Antarctica Travel – From Bucket List to Booked – “Is traveling to the Antarctic on your Bucket List? If you said yes, you are in the right place! We know how overwhelming it can be and we are here to help. We formed this group so that you don’t have to wade through online resources you don’t need, or get advice from other groups that doesn’t apply to you, or worse, is inaccurate.”
  • Antarctica Travel Group – “This group is everything Antarctica. It’s a group for explorers from all over the world who have already been, and are hoping to visit Antarctica in the future! We post last minute deals, early bird discounts and group trips.”

Other Facebook Travel Groups

  • Every Passport Stamp – “For serious travelers chasing every country in world. Discussions to make it possible. Friends to share the journey.”

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