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Collecting souvenir coins at Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re already collecting eki stamps, you’re probably also into collecting pressed pennies, or– as they’re called in Japan (and other places without pennies)– souvenir coins or “medallions.” These shiny little beauties can be found all over Japan, particularly in tourist destinations and Pokemon shops.

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Since Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t have any eki stamps (though Maihama train station next door does!), collecting souvenir coins is a good alternative to scratch that collector’s itch.

Unfortunately, I lost all my coins at a hostel last year, but I do have some photos of the machines themselves to share.

Coins are ¥100 yen each and each machine has a different design. Each machine’s selection gets swapped out pretty regularly, I’d say, and they aren’t afraid to put date-specific and event-specific special coins out there, either. Fancy!

You can also get souvenir medallion books at the merch stores inside the park to store your new treasures.

Disney Resort Line souvenir coins

If you don’t want to fork over the park entrance fees, you can try collecting souvenir coins from the Disney Resort Line stations that ring both parks. Grab a day pass and be sure to exchange your ¥1,000 bills at the coin machine at Resort Gateway Station before you go.

All the machines EXCEPT the ones at Resort Gateway Station are outside the ticket gates, so you’ll be charged the standard fee for entrance/exit. Don’t be like me and forget to get a day pass before you go: you’ll save a few yen since it’s only ¥700 compared to ¥300 per station for just using your Suica card.

The Resort Line trains come every 2-5 minutes, and you can grab all the coins within an hour (depending on the crowds). There are 6 coins in two machines at each station, for a total of 24 coins and ¥2,400 yen.

Here’s the coins I saw when I got my set in March 2024 (click to enlarge photos):

They have tons with 2024 and the Tokyo Disneyland 40th anniversary, plus some really cute ones specific to the Disney Resort Line itself. They switch these out a LOT: the official souvenir medallion page even has the dates that new ones arrive.

The Disney Store in Ikspiari shopping center…

Does NOT have a coin machine (or any stamps), just fyi. It does have adorable Disney merch you can buy, though!

Do you collect pressed pennies or souvenir coins? They’re not as abundant as they used to be, but I love collecting them around the world whenever I find them!

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