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RCL Rhapsody of the Seas Transatlantic Cruise (Nov. 8-20, 2022): Daily Planner, MDR Food, etc.

This is a companion post to my write-up of my transatlantic cruise with Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas in fall 2022. I have photos of the Cruise Compass (daily activities), the buffet, some dining room meals and menus, and so on.

I actually got COVID 6 days into the cruise so I was only able to get room service while I was in isolation. I’ve included some photos of those meals as well.

Warning! This is an image-heavy post!

Click to enlarge the photos.

Cruise Compass (Daily Planner)

Day 1 (Nov. 8, 2022) Embarkation from Barcelona

Day 2 (Nov. 9, 2022) Cannes, France

Day 5 (Nov. 12, 2022) Sea Day

Day 6 (Nov. 2022) Madeira, Funchal, Portugal

Main Dining Room Food

I really liked going to the MDR for dinner, and I especially liked having my own little table. The waiters were super attentive and the food was overall good.

November 8, 2022 Menu

November 9, 2022 Menu

November 11, 2022 Menu

November 12, 2022 Menu



November 13, 2022 Menu

Buffet Food

I ate breakfast at the Buffet and most of my lunches, plus I typically raided their selection for snacks throughout the day. The coffee was pretty bad but I kept drinking it because I didn’t want to pay for the good stuff. The food quality varied, but generally they had a good selection of different types of cuisines. I was recommended to try the butter chicken when it came out and it was easily my favorite. The kitchen staff were all mostly Indian, so it made sense that the Indian cuisine was made the best!

Embarkation day lunch buffet

Misc. selection from other days

Room Service

I was so annoyed at having caught COVID that I don’t think I took photos of the room service menu, but it had a decent selection (especially for someone who was sick). I could also order from the main dining room menu but, to be honest, I found most of those meals very heavy and that’s NOT what I wanted when recovering from an illness.

Also, I took videos of all my room service deliveries that I’ll eventually turn into a video…someday.

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