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Where to Buy Stationery & Journal Supplies in Tokyo

This is specifically for people interested in finding journaling supplies more than fine art supplies. I’m talking pens, stickers, washi tape, “junk journal stuff,” stamps, stencils, maybe some ink pads or cheap paint pens, etc. That’s the kind of stuff I’m interested in so that’s what I went looking for when I visited Japan this year.

Since I’m full-time traveling, I had to try REALLY hard to restrict my purchases to things I can fit into my suitcase and use enough to justify carrying it around, but even then I bought more notebooks than I needed and had to send it back to my parents to keep for me until the next time I visit. 🥹

The nice thing about stationery, though, is that it’s relatively small! As long as you don’t buy a bunch of blank notebooks, you can totally cram a butt-load of stickers, washi tapes, stamps, pens, and other stuff into your carry-on. They also make for nice gifts for family and friends who enjoy making junk journals other artsy notebook creations.

Here’s some of the best places to get interesting, unique and/or cheap journaling supplies in Tokyo.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and buy something, I get a small percentage of that at no extra cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

Traveler’s Factory

Traveler’s Factory are the people behind the Traveler’s Notebook system, where you buy a leather cover and different blank notebook inserts. The idea is to carry it around everywhere and have a great time filling it in with whatever you want. It’s much cheaper to buy these when you’re in Japan than importing it from elsewhere, and you can even pick up special editions of covers, inserts, and stickers.

There’s two branches in Tokyo proper and another in Narita Airport. They’re all easy to get to by public transportation, but the least crowded and cutest one is probably the Traveler’s Factory Nakameguro location. Highly recommend stopping by, especially if you like vintage travel-style stuff!

Traveler’s Factory Nakameguro location

Traveler’s Factory stores are great places to pick up notebooks, travel-themed stickers, nice pens and ink, and even postcards and washi tape. Each store also has a selection of stamps you can use to customize your notebook cover, so if you’re already collecting eki stamps you’ll for sure want to stop by a Factory or two.

Check out all the Traveler’s Factory locations in Japan here!


Sekaido Shibuya branch

The grandaddy of art supplies store, and a proper art supplies store with fine art items like, idk, gouache paint. But they also have a ton of pens, washi tape, stamps, postcards, paint pens, paper, stencils, and notebooks.

The Shibuya branch is (I think?) the largest one, with multiple floors and enough merchandise that you could spend a whole day in there. If you’re looking specifically for Japanese pens, this is a good place to come as they have a whole wall of them.

Posca Paint Pen selection (great prices!)
Some ballpoint pens.
Tons of stickers and postcards as well!
My Sekaido haul. Snagged a Stalogy A5 notebook (on sale), Mofusand postcard, a planner stencil, 2 Posca pens, a Mt. Fuji eraser, a daruma doll stamp, and rubber fingertips in the shape of Haniwa. All for about $30 USD!


Adorable cat stamp in Loft. Really had to keep my hands off my wallet with this one. Too cute!

They sell more than just stationery here, but the biggest LOFTs have the biggest office supplies section. I do think it’s more standard stuff, like things you’d use in an office or at univeristy, maybe. They had way more planners, notebooks, paper things than stamps or ink pads, for instance.

LOFT is also where you can buy Hobonichi planners and covers, Midori notebooks (including Traveler’s Notebooks and covers), and even staples like Moleskine notebooks. I did find that LOFT was the most expensive of all the places I visited, but they had high-quality things which maybe made the price worth it.

Die-cut washi tapes in LOFT.


Similar to LOFT in that it has stationery and life goods, and it’s also fairly expensive. Tbh I didn’t do much shopping here because of the prices, but they do have some adorable sticker sheets. They also have way more ink pads than any of the LOFTs seem to have, if that’s important to you.

They also have clearance sections so you might be able to snag a good deal on something.


The premier discount store found worldwide, but the best (and cheapest) selection is always within its home country of Japan. Tons of stickers, washi tape, paint, pens, origami paper, notebooks, binders, folders, etc. and all for ¥110 (with tax) each.

There’s some differences between stores but I found that most of them have the same thing. Bigger stores will have a larger selection. They’ll rotate out stock every so often, so it’s worth checking back if it’s been a few days since you last stopped by.

Note: Do NOT buy paint pens here. They reek! Go find the Posca pens instead.

Watts 100¥ Shop

One part of Watts stationery section

This is like another Daiso, a discount store with cheap stuff to buy. They have different selection of washi tape, stickers, notebooks and origami paper than Daiso does, so it’s worth checking out for sure. I found some excellent stationery here I haven’t seen elsewhere, and for such a good price! For instance, they had a bunch of cheap Mofusand stickers and keychains.

Watts haul part 1– washi tape! I’ve never seen a Marroncream thing before; she gets pushed aside for other, more popular Sanrio characters.
Watts haul part 2– Mofusand stickers!
Watts haul part 3– origami paper! I liked the selection better here than in Daiso, and the paper feels higher quality, too.

Don Quijote

Tourists usually come to Donki to get snacks and beauty supplies, but you can also grab some art stuff! I found a set of Posca paint pens for something crazy like $11 USD, and they also have a fun selection of Japan-specific stickers made by local artists.

Posca Paint Pens set from Donki


Very small selection of stationery, but good if you need a basic notebook for eki stamps, a small pair of scissors, basic pens and post-it notes, etc. Some Lawsons also have a Muji stationery section in their store.

MUJI section at a Lawson conbini

Highly recommend picking up the small scissors, btw. They’re great for carrying around in a backpack and snipping little things out from pamphlets to put in a junk journal later. They might get taken away by airport security but they’re like $1 or less so nbd. I’m technically on my 3rd pair because I keep rebuying them whenever they get snagged.

Museum Gift Shops

My secret to finding unusual, high-quality stationery items: museum gift shops! At the very least, they’ll have some cool stickers and postcards to pick up, but if you’re lucky they’ll also have washi tape, origami paper, notebooks, and stamps. They’re sometimes a little more expensive than stuff you’ll find in regular shops, but they’re also more unusual and unique.

Pop-Up Character Shops

If you’re looking for specific characters, like Sanrio or San-x or anything else, head to Tokyo Station and walk down Anime Street. You’ll find tons of little stores with all the stickers and stationery items you could want, including short-term pop-up shops for popular brands like Moomin.

Nun Nun Travel pop-up store. I’d never heard of this character before but the stickers were so cute I HAD to get a few things.

This takes a bit more serendipity than going directly to a sticker shop, but it’s fun to see what kind of special items you can find. And most of them are only made for a short amount of time, too, so it’s more unique than the ones you’ll find at Daiso or whatever.

Tourist Info Centers

Yes, you can find stuff here! Some of it will be free, like pamphlets you can use in your travel journal, but they’ll often have (at the very least) souvenir stickers and postcards for sale for that specific part of Tokyo.

For instance, here’s some of what I saw at the Ueno Tourist Info Center:

Ueno Tourist Info Center– washi tapes with pandas on them!
Ueno Tourist Info Center–stickers!
Snag a free map, too!

If you’re wandering around Ueno, be sure to get all these free stamps while you’re there.

Flea Markets

Yes! You can find stationery items at flea markets! Not as many as you might hope for, but for vintage postcards, posters, tickets, etc. you can snag some good deals. Also good for finding vintage beads or kimono fabric to use for journal covers.

Check Tokyo Cheapo for where the next flea market is being held. There’s basically one every day SOMEWHERE in Tokyo, if the weather is good.

Post Offices

And finally, my other secret stationery location: the Post Office! Besides buying adorable postage stamps to use on your postcards home, most POs have a souvenir/stationery section with letter-writing supplies, washi tape, stickers and fancy postcards.

Stationery spot in a Post Office (one of several at this location)

Post Offices rotate out their stock every so often, as they tend to have promotional items only available for a certain time. They’re also more likely to have famous characters like Hello Kitty, Peter Rabbit, the city mascot and so on.

Where do you go to buy stationery supplies in Tokyo?

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