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Visiting the Sky Hub Lounge at Seoul Incheon Int’l Airport, South Korea

I visited the Sky Hub Lounge (West) at Incheon International Airport recently while flying from Seoul to Singapore. This info is current as of May 2023.

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The lounge is located in Terminal 1, after passport control on the 4th floor. There’s actually three available at the airport, and in retrospect I’m not sure which one I went to. However, since I was in the international departures area, I assume it was one of the East lounges.

Sky Hub Lounge Info


  • Location: Terminal 1 airside, after Passport Control.
  • Membership accepted: Priority Pass, Dragon Card
  • Can also buy day passes for $39 per person.
  • Open daily from 7:00 am – 9:30 pm / 10:30 pm – 6:00 am.

The lounge has a pretty big seating area, with different sized tables for big or small groups. I visited around 9:00 am on a weekday and it wasn’t busy but not full. The Asiana lounge next door had a huge line to get in, so I assume people filtered over to this one instead.

Salad bar, with hot food at the back table

Food and Drinks

Fairly good selection of hot and cold food, heavy on Japanese/Korean/Chinese options and some Western stuff. For instance, they had rice, noodles, salad, fruit, cereal, dumplings, crispy pork somethings, bulgogi beef, various pastries and small cakes, dried fruit, etc. They also had a “plant forward zone” which I think was all vegan– or at the very least, vegetarian. Standard drink options of coffee, tea, soda, bottled water, and alcohol.

That said, despite the large amount of options, the food itself wasn’t very good. The hot dishes weren’t hot enough and the cold dishes were either bland or had a gummy texture (I assume from being thawed).

The “plant forward zone” aka vegetarian options


This lounge is light on extra amenities, no showers or in-lounge bathrooms. They did have Wifi and power outlets to charge devices. I didn’t see any computers or printers, but supposedly they have a fax machine somewhere.

The sitting area, however, was very comfortable. There’s plenty of tables and chairs, and the actual space is pretty big. Even though the lounge was fairly full when I was there, it didn’t feel overly crowded.


The actual lounge was clean and comfortable to sit in, and there’s plenty of room for people to sit and have a bite to eat. The food was just so-so, but I appreciated the variety of options available. Because you have to leave the lounge to use the restroom, it’s not great for solo travelers who don’t want to be separated from their luggage.

Desserts! The little fish-shaped cakes were very dry 🙁

That said, if you just want somewhere quiet to sit and don’t need food, there’s actually a free public sitting area right next to this lounge that’s a “quiet zone.” Not sure if there’s plugs there, but it truly is quieter than the area downstairs near the gates.

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