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Gunung Mulu National Park Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Menu with Prices July 2023

I visited Mulu National Park in July 2023 and took pictures of the menus. Since there isn’t much info about specific foods or prices available online, I thought I’d share what info I have.

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General Cafe Info

  • Open daily 7:30am-9:00pm, last orders 8:30pm
  • Groceries and supplies are delivered via cargo plane, so things run out
  • Ice in particular runs out by early afternoon

@ = vegetarian or can be made vegetarian
^ = mildly spicy
^^ = spicy

Click on the menu images to enlarge them. I’ve also transcribed them into text for easier reading.

Breakfast Set

Western Style

2 egg (fried/boiled/scrambled)
1 sausage and 2 toast

Mulu Special

2 pancakes with fruits OR homemade muesli with fruits

Asian Style

Fried bee hoon [noodles] and fruits OR nasi lemak and fruits

Self-serve Lipton Tea and Local Coffee

Optional Extras

Lavazza plunger coffee RM12
Fruit juice (Cordial) RM6
Pot of Chinese Tea RM6

Light Meals

Rojak – Malaysian vegetable salad, tofu, peanuts & spicy sauce RM13
Mixed omelette (mushroom, onion, tomato and cheese)@ RM14
French toast with coconut spread (seri kaya)@ RM11
Deep fried chicken wings with sweet chili sauce (2) RM13
Spring rolls with sweet chili sauce (2)@ RM11
Roti canai and mildly spiced dahl@ RM12
Toasted sandwich– chicken/tuna mayo RM11
Toasted sandwich– cheese and tomato@ RM10
Wraps– chicken with sweet chili mayo/vegetarian@ RM15

Mains served with RICE

Nasi goreng – fried rice with egg (chicken/vegetarian)@ RM16
Nasi goreng mamak – spicy fried rice with egg (chicken/vegetarian)@^ RM17
Nasi lemak – curry chicken, spicy sambal, peanuts & boiled egg^ RM18
Chicken pansoh (braised in gingerflower broth) with vegetables RM22
Chicen & potato curry, rice coconut grav with vegetables^ RM22
Chicken satay with peanut sauce and Asian salad RM20
Sweet & sour chicken/fish RM2
Sweet & sour tofu@ RM16
Tom Yam soup with fish/chicken/ofu & vegetables@^^ RM20
Fish fillet (pan-fried) with BBQ eggplant and spicy sambal^ RM22
Umai (Sarawakian cerviche) with Asian salad^ RM20
Beef rendang with vegetables^ RM26
Mulu vege platter (curry veg, choi sim, salad poppadums)@^ RM20


Beef/chicken burger with cheese (no French fries) RM13
Beef/chicken burger with cheese and French fries (add egg RM2) RM21
French Fries (request for mayo) RM13

Noodles – Bee Hoon (rice noodles) or Yellow Noodles

Chicken noodle soup, a clear broth with chicken and vegetables@ RM16
Kolomee noodles with minced chicken RM10
Mee goren, fried noodles, egg, veg & chicken (wet/dry)@ RM16
Mee mamak, fried noodles in spicy mixture of egg, vegetables & chicken@^ RM18
Mulu laksa, spicy coconut broth, tofu, noodles, hicken & vegetables@^^ RM22

Side Orders

Mixed vegetables (cabbage, mushroom, corn, garlic, carrot or whatever’s available)@ RM12
Choi sim braised with lime cumin, coconut and chili@ RM12
Green vegetables stir fried with oystery sauce/garlic@ RM12
Paku jungle ferm with ginger and garlic@ RM12
Ladies fingers in oyster sauce or spicy prawn sambal paste^ RM12
Brinjal (eggplant) tempura with lime mayonnaise dipping sauce@ RM12
BBQ fried brinjal with sambal@^ RM12
Fried tofu (with any vegetable dish)@ RM6
Plain steamed rice RM4
Extra egg – fried/boiled RM2
Extra slice bread/toast RM1


Banana in rum raisin sauce with ice cream RM16
Warm chocolate cake with ice cream RM15
Banana split ice cream (1 scoop) RM12
Pancakes with butter & honey RM12
2 scoops of ice cream RM10
2 scoops of ice cream with chocolate sauce RM12
Ice cream cone (2 scoops) RM5


Hot Drinks

Pot of Chinese tea RM6
Plunger coffee [French press] RM12
Nescafe coffe/local coffee/Lipton tea [instant] RM6
Milo [hot chocolate] RM6

Cold Drinks

Mineral water bottled RM4 (L) RM7
Soft drinks – Coke, 100plus, 7-up [menu says Sprite but they don’t have it ever], etc. RM5
Orange cordial juice (glass) RM6
Packet drinks – Chrysanthemum, Soya, etc. [boxed drinks] RM4
Iced fresh lemon tea RM6
Iced fresh lime RM6
Iced local coffee “o” RM6
Ice coffe (ice cream blend) RM15
Milkshake – chocolate/strawberry/vanilla RM15
Banana smoothie (when available) RM15
Pineapple/banana coconut crush (when available) RM12

Alcoholic Beverages

Beer RM18
White/Red wine (glass) RM30
Tuak (local rice wine– roiginal) (glass) RM18
Gin & Tonic RM25

Takeaway Food for Pinnacles or the Summit trekkers

Frozen meat ready to stir fry

Chicken wings in Asian marinade (2 pcs) RM10
Chicken meat in oyster sauce (200 grams) RM10
Beef in dark soy sauce (200 grams) RM12
Chicken curry ready to reheat (1 serving) RM10
Packet of chicken sausage (10 pieces) RM12

Fresh vegetables

Round cabbage (500 grams) RM6
Potatoes (200 grams) RM5
Onion (100 grams) RM2
Carrot (200 grams) RM4
Green vegetables/ladies fingers (200 grams) RM4

Loaf of bread RM6
Fresh eggs (6) RM12
Uncooked rice (200 grams) RM4
Cooked rice (200 grams) RM4

Sold at Camp 5

Soft drinks
Chips, nuts and chocolates
Instant noodles

Groceries available from Gallery at Park HQ

Canned foods
Noodles and pasta
Biscuits and snacks

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